Preventive maintenance keeps the road to a stable level service, avoiding the roads to deteriorate quickly.


Corrective maintenance prevents the road elements or section to reach a high level of damage with large-scale interventions, such as integral or structural rehabilitations.


Replacement program applies when the road has reached to its service life and rehabilitation works are highly required.


Providing Road Engineering, Design and Fabrication

Our Mission

The NGCC’s mission is to design and manufacture outstanding Roads all over India

NGCC’s motto, passion at work, makes all the difference. It separates the extraordinary from the ordinary and pushes towards a relentless quest for perfection. Working with passion in a caring environment and safe workplace is one of the key aspects of our success.


Leading infrastructure and construction company in North India

We specialize in rendering a reliable set of high quality RCC Road Construction services to the clients. Our professionals render offered road construction services with high level of care in design and execution of blue prints.

District Roads

District Roads are those roads that connect the district headquarters with the other places within the district.

State Highways

State highway are the roads which connect state capital with district and towns.

Border Roads

Border roads are those roads that are built in the border area for the defence of the country.


How we are good at our service

We build roads that are suitable for different terrains and extreme weather conditions with ease. Our company could complete complex projects like building roads, bridges, tunnels, etc in some of the most remote locations. Obviously, rhe success credibility will goes to the skill-full engineers of this company and to the fact that this company makes no compromises with material quality and service quality.


With energy and expertise in road construction.

Our company is consisted of dedicated, professional experts with the constant aim to provide best professional work.

Our reason to exist is to provide great service in improving the performance of road construction, ensuring continuity and sustainably maximising value.

Being the Pioneer, Building the Future

We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials.

Great Management


Our managment professionals organize, lead and manage the people, materials and processes of construction utilizing the latest technologies within the industry.

We perform with honesty


For us, honesty is the only policy and we strive to complete all projects with integrity.